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The Michaels Companies, Inc. is an American company that is North America's largest provider of arts, crafts, framing, floral & wall décor, and merchandise for makers and do-it-yourself home decorators. The company was founded by Michael J. Dupey in Dallas, Texas. The Michaels Companies' corporate headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.The Michaels Companies, Inc. owns and operates more than 1,


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jenny campbell says

"Very disappointed. They never have good sales and the 40% coupon is no longer. I really dont know how they will stay in business. I use to like this business."

Frederico Ramos says

"I have been shopping at Michael's for years and love their coupons. My problem stems from their website not being able to keep a customer's information...SPECIFICALLY PASSWORD. I have had to create a new password EVERY TIME!!!! I have a zillion passwords saved on my Iphone for a zillion sites BUT NO THEIRS!!! This store is so arcaic that they don't even know about FACE I.D. !! I tried to purchase an item online with them today and gave up. I spoke to a clerk in store about these issues and got "CRICKETS sounds""

Brei Twa says

"Ordered 3 Cricut related products from the Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada location totalling $370.00, and the items were listed as in stock, so I placed the order. My Debit Card was charged the amount but I later discovered through an email that the order was cancelled. Although there was no specific reason mentioned for the order to be cancelled, one of the first of many Michaels Customer Service Reps on the phone suggested it was a bank card problem. It was not. In trying to deal with them on the issue, more importantly the issue of being charged in the first place and the order automatically being cancelled after I was charged the amount as a hold on my bank account, the other issue is the mistrust I have with their online system that I was afraid of having another $370.00 charged to my bank, and the second one cancelled, so I explained to them my concern. The held funds would take at least 1 week to be put back into my bank account, and then i would for sure not have enough funds to order for a third time. Customer Service cared not in the slightest bit. This being January 2021, and we are on a COVID lockdown, and Michaels, unlike many other stores, refuses to implement a "phone in order, pay at the door" system, and only has this untrustworthy online method of ordering from them. I researched other retailers for Cricut products, and although Walmart would take a bit longer to deliver / ship to me/ a local store, and is a bit cheaper in price, Amazon is just a few dollars more for the same items, and would take a week to ship to my door. Instead of having to wait the week to order from Michaels again after my funds are returned to me, and waiting another few days for my order, I chose Amazon for slightly faster timeframe. Very poor Customer Service skills. One agent took like 10 minutes to explain a probable scenario that could have been said in all of 2 minutes, as she kept saying "Um" every other third word, and I forgot what she said one minute prior. This is the reason why Amazon is thriving. I will not buy from Michaels, unless its a dire emergency, when the world is about to end."

Anne says

"Home Delivery is a JOKE. I placed an order over SIX hours ago. I’m still waiting for it. I called the store. I was told, “You will get it tomorrow.” Tomorrow? I won’t be here to receive it tomorrow. Cancel my order. Oh but I won’t get a refund for three to four days. The worst business experience ever."

Kristinajean says

"I ordered online and received the wrong shipment. I now have to find time to bring that shipment to a UPS store and until I have done that they will not ship the rest of my items. It’s almost like I’m getting punished for some thing they did wrong. It’s a little bit ridiculous. I’m not impressed"

Mike Hannah says

"I ordered a very expensive glass display case and when it arrived it was broken. The wooden frame itself was cracked in half on one side and the corners were all lose. The poorest packing job I've ever seen. It was packed with zero wrapping, Styrofoam or any kind of protection and was free to movie around freely. It was packed in a box that wasn't the correct size so they just taped two together. They would not give me a refund because the wrapping was taken off. I"

Jesse M says

"Got a box of containers and organizers, and half of them are broken, and the other half all scratched up. They are not even close to ready to be shipping to customers. I have been ordering online for over 25 years, and this is by far, the worst packing job I have ever seen. They just threw all the stuff in a big box with zero packing material. And, the quality of the products is so poor, storage containers crack and break? Sorry, but I’ve gotten better quality from the dollar store. I’ll never buy from them again. It’s actually not a bad thing this happened, as I know just how low quality their items are."

Angela Dillman says

"So I tried purchasing an item (12/28/20) with my Christmas gift card for Michaels and after I purchased online they cancelled my order because apparently they ran out of what I bought after I bought it. The app is not real time. Anyways they cancelled my order and I tried to buy something else today (1/9/21) but they never credited me the money back. I called and talked to William, they said they fixed it, I just tried again and still they have not fixed it. Don't buy someone a giftcard from here (Michaels), very shady business tactics and now I have to call again. Nice Christmas present.."

Maryann Foster-Heffernan says

"I actually give ZERO stars!!! I placed an order they cancelled because their stock was out although they took my payment of $170 and then told me they had voided it . Told me that my money would be refunded in 3-5 business days and was not. Then told me to contact my bank to release hold in which there was no hold because it had been withdrawn by them. The funds are still not in my account after contacting customer service 6 times. My bank is now doing an investigation to retrieve my money. RIDICULOUS!!!! Very disappointed in their incompetency"

Sara says

"Michaels.com customer "care" process is the absolute worst experience I've had on a website. First off, it's like a maze trying to get to a chat window. Once you find it, it's a bot with automated answers. The bot didn't have any answers for me so I then found the "speak with someone" button after getting the runaround with the bot. I get connected with a real person, and they ask for a lot of personal information from me first. Then after a bit of a wait, he says he cannot answer my question and I will be transferred to "tier 2" employees. Then after that he says tier 2 are all unavailable, and they will email me as soon as they can, then he ends the chat before I can say a word. UNBELIEVEABLE."

Mandi Seetin says

"Received damaged product. Took over 1 1/2 hours on chat and asking for a manager to help. Issue still not resolved. They are expecting me to go to the store or Ups to return and then when they process it I will get my replacement. Seems ridiculous when you spend $70 on a storage container you need now. The customer service team also gave information that didn’t match. I got cut off from the first girl. Horrible customer service and will send my business to Hobby Lobby now. Extremely disappointed!"

Joni S says

"Michael's is my 1st choice for carding supplies. I only wish coupons were offered again on the Michael's app as they were before. Joanns Fabrics and Crafts, and Hobby Lobby have continued to offer their coupon discounts this whole year."

L Glessner says

"Michaels store 4726 at 9739 Roosevelt blvd, Philadelphia PA. I love shopping at Michael’s and have never had a complaint until now. This store is a disgrace. It’s filthy, the stock is all over the place, disordered and unorganized. The staff is unfriendly and apathetic...all one needs to do is have an interaction with them and it’s clear why the store looks the way it does. There are plenty of other Michael’s and stores like it in the area...this one should be shut down or completely overhauled, it’s just gross."

RReno says

"Customer beware of hidden fees not disclosed at time of purchase. If you live in Alaska you are charged outrageous shipping when there is NO SHIPPING INCREASE required by the USPS as we are the NATIONAL Headquarters for the USPS. So tired of a company capitalizing on a fallacy that it costs more to ship to Alaska. BS! Send it parcel post it will cost about $1.95 yet Michaels bait-n-switch charges you $21.00 for the same item. FRUAD. One letter 13 inches long X 1/8 inch cost over $21.00 to ship? Not only did they want to charge me that because their managers in Alaska do not keep up with inventory -- I purchased all the letters I needed OVER $240 worth and Michaels fraudulently says "spend over $58+ and shipping is FREE Bull Sh**. Buyer beware."

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